Update BMW E61 ECUs with ICOM WinKFP,ISTA-D,INPA, etc

A while ago I tried to update our BMW E61 ’05 completely with Professional Diagnostic Tool. It stopped at the first ECU, the CAS, the car did nothing
Luckily I managed to get it working again with winKFP. After that I tried to update other ECU’s with winKFP, starting with the TEBF, the passenger door ECU.Then the car gave a lot of check control messages and the passenger door windows is not opening anymore, also the central locking on that door isn’t working. A dead ECU I thought. Next I looked for some other software, ISTA and ICOM A2 diagnostic & programming tool with software. In ISTA/D the TEBF responds, but it shows a very weird part number. I think the software is corrupt. And I tried to reprogram it with ISTA/P; however, i can’t get it connected. When starting a new session it finds the car, gets the VIN, model,and the option, but after that I get an error as follows:

An error roccurred on execution f the measure.
94201 Technical service initialisation failed
10007 (CIP) – Error during intitialistation of EDIABAS
94020 Determination of the vehicle context failed.

I do not know what this error means, and more important, how to fix it. So I posted this on the forum to get an ideal solution.

Here is the solution provided by a bro on the forum. He say:

“Your E60 is equipped with a MOST network. ISTA/P requires to see this connection before continuing with the session since ISTA/P uses MOST to access and program your MOST modules such as your CIC/MASK, CID, AMP, TCU, etc. Your K+DCAN connector does not have MOST access resulting in error. ISTA/P is not designed for modified INPA connectors therefore resulting in this error message.

ICOM A2 BMW diagnosis was designed to connect ISID and ISTA/P to other hardware such as K+DCAN, ENET, and OPS without spending a few thousand dollars on an ICOM Clone back when they were first introduced on the market. It was successful and still is especially for the use with ISID or even ISTA/P when using OPS, ENET, or programming older vehicle pre-MOST. But unfortunately when it comes to MOST networks no way around it when using ISTA/P than purchase an ICOM, unless you use other tools such as WINKFP (which you have). Your MOST modules still have CAN networks which are used for diagnostics hence why you are able to communicate with them in ISID or INPA. This being said the only way around this with a MOST equipped vehicle is simple… buy an BMW ICOM A2. They are dirt cheap now on www.worldobd2.com … approx $300-$550USD for the complete kit!! Which in hindsight is a STEAL especially if you compare a bricked $1500 MASK unit to it. Could have bought 3-5 ICOM’s for that price. Or as you have done already… take your chances with WINKFP but the solution is pretty simple here… Your $40,000 vehicle compared to a simple $300 ICOM which we will easily spend 10x the amount on a set of fancy rims which would look beautifully while being driven to the dealership… on the flatbed for a bricked DME … I think for $300-550 your BMW would look even better with those fancy rims while driving your BMW. ”

Nice bro on the forum who helped out with this error. To post this here, I hope I can help others also and help convince other user’s reading this post to buy an BMW Diagnostic Tool for diagnosis and programming as the cost of an ICOM in relation to the cost of an ECU is pennies.