How to generate FSC codes without ICOM A2

Share the easiest way to obtain FSC code for BMW cars, with no need of BMW ICOM A2 to get 1B file, but only with ENET cable.

Models supported:

all F models and latest E models


DIY an ENET cable

or buy it online at

NOTE: this car diagnostic scanner has been confirmed working by many BMW friends. I wouldn’t recommend other sites, although they may work, problem is that they have not been confirmed working yet. Functions of enet cable at obd2 has been tested for years (many discussion in forums).

Only four wires are connected and there is no need to ground anything.
For those models without TX and RX on OBD plug, you will have to make your own connection on the 10 pin plug, in the back of your CIC/CCC unit.

Setup your laptop network card TCP/IPV4 to:
DNS does not matter.

You can set your IPV4: control panel / network and sharing center than chose you connection and click properties.

Connect BMW ENET cable to your pc and to your car and turn on ignition (ACC).
Use internet explorer and go to
password is asked:
user: root
Password : cic0803 or Hm83stN

go to root
click on directory HBpersistence
click on directory normal
click on file generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTController and save it.

Download a Hex editor (for instance HXD) and install.
Open the file you have downloaded from CIC with HxD and set HxD to HEX mode.
Seach on file for 01 01 00 1B
Highlight and delete eveything prior to 01 01 00 1B
On line 130 delete last block (last 2 entries) and everything after it.
Save file as “a.hex”. You will get an exactly 319 bytes file.

Downlods FSC tools. The only thing required is FSC.EXE and FSC.BAT. Edit fsc.bat file in order to input your map region and year.
Map region and year are obtained from map info on last install usb. Use Hxd to read it.

For WEST Europe you will see 0028 0008 on 2016-1 premium map.
0028 is west europe followed by year (0008 is 2016, 0007 is 2015,….).

You can generate a FSC code using on your fcs.bat file 0x28 0x08 (2016-1 premium west europe map)
If you want to generate a lifetime code, use:
0x28 0XFF and change this on fsc.bat.

Your FSC.BAT will look like this:

IF NOT EXIST fsc.exe ECHO File fsc.exe NOT FOUND !
IF NOT EXIST a.hex ECHO a.hex does NOT EXIST !
fsc a.hex 0x28 0xFF > code.txt

IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 ECHO File code.txt was created successfuly!

Other regions are obtained from map info.
0xFF generates a lifetime code.

Make sure that fcs.bat, fcs.exe and a.hex are together and run fcs.bat.
If everything is in order, you will get a code.txt. file with your code.

ENET coding cable + E-sys do well in FSC codes generation