Question: I received my OPCOM interface.. Installed the app: Opel diagnostic tool OPCOM 100219a my case seems to recognize me! (Under win 7) I have this: when I try to connect (I only red LED lit power of ) and when I do Setting> Interface Test .. It asks me to login or install the driver .. Here is where I’m stuck!
Opcom Install

Solved Finally!
I found … and it works! For me it was enough to switch win7 in test mode, so that it no longer checks the signature of the driver! Including our “Chinese driver” .. Why the simplest is to use: Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider a small program that you should run, then tick “test mode”…or something like ca. it restarts, and you can see a message “test mode No …” at the bottom right of the desk. And seven leaves us alone!! (Watch you have to reverse after manipulation to hand window in normal mode)