Program key to Toyota Rav4 2013 with H chip Key

I have Toyota Rav4 2013 with H chip key, I am confused how to read these Immobox case as following PCB board shows.



The first time seeing pcb board and there is empty ic4 pad and loose 56r chip by the plug in (fact). Moving on,a closer look at the board you can see that pin 1 & 4 is label and pin 7 is tied to 5 making it 8 bit mode 93series EEPROM that can be used. 48pin mcu that has dual eeprom function (internal & exteral).





Pin4=VCC (blue pin6 is tied to pin8 on the eeprom)


Advice from experienced technician:

I try on Toyota rav4 year 2014 X100 plus programmer with option G chip reset and add H chip without problem after 20 min for reset immo.

Then engineer also confirmed X100 pro can add H chip.

PS: Abrites confirmed that it will be no problem for all toyota models even with H chips, but actually not according to test. Well, some users has to order new immo box.


Working solution:

I ordered one new immo box, but before get it, I solve my problem, I put the immo of a rav4 2010 G-type and connect the ring of the old model also by wiring to the immo cuz ring of 2013 can’t read the g type key and i did reset 5 and 13 and them start the car.