Program MG Rover Key with T300 auto key programmer

T300/T300+ Key programmer is classic universal auto key programmer for locksmith. T300 supports pin code reading for certain vehicles, program EKA, program fresh key and basic diagnostic functions (clear DTCs, display live data etc). Here is the step-by-step guide of programming MG Rover key with T300 key pro.

Tool needed:
T300 key programmer (V2014.06 T300+ English black case version or V2014.02 T300+ English Blue case version)
OBD2 cable for T300 key coder
ADC145 Adapter for self test
OBDII to 5AS cable (4 wires)
Spare Key fob with battery replaced

t300 key programmer

Less than 10 minutes

Vehicle maker:
MG Rover


You will need a 5As connector well connected with T300 key programmer. Then connect the T300 key coder with vehicle via OBD port using an OBD2 cable


Start to program the key into the car’s ECUs
Turn ignition to ON position
Power on the T300 auto key pro
Select “Remote functions” option from vehicle selection program

t300 key programmer

Then the T300 diagnostic scanner will identify the Alarm ECU type, for example: Lucas 5AS

T300 key programmer

Select “Special Functions” from “Diagnostic Menu” program

t300 key programmer

Select “Program Remote” function option

t300 key programmer

The T300 will display “Tokens you have remaining” prompt, press Enter key

t300 key programmer

Accept “ONE TOKEN WILL BE USED” message

Follow the system notice and press return.
Hold both functioning new and old key fobs in your hand. Press either the lock or unlock buttons 8 times according to the supplied manual. Or keep pressing until the “beeps” horn to tell you that the fob has been accepted by the system

t300 key programmer

Then straight after that, repeat again with all the other fobs (apparently a maximum of 4).
Press “Enter” key when you’ve completed the procedure.
The next screen will tell you how many tokens you have left.
Continue to program another flash key or exit the t300 auto key programmer.