MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI Setting Manual

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MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI Setting Manual

We know The MB SD Connect Compact 4  can connecting with Both Lan cable and WIFI, some customers might have question and problem about how to setting WIFI.  Obd2tool.com  share with you about WIFI setting on SD Connect C4

How to Setting MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis WIFI ?
Steps by steps instruction:
Click wireless network icon to select “View Available Wireless Network”.


Click “Refresh network list”.


Click “Change advanced settings”.

Select Wireless Network.
Tick on “Use Windows to configure my wireless network setting”.
Click Add.

Enter Network name..
Tick on “Connection even if this network is not broadcasting”
Cancel tick on “The key is provided for me automatically”.
Tick on “This is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network; wireless access points are not used”
Enter network key and confirm it. (network key: 26 a)

Go to Connection and tick on “correct when this internet is in range”, then click OK.



Enter the network key and click Connect.
Click the red circle in the menu bar.
Select Configuration and then click Yes.


Select MUX>> Register/Configure.


Select Encryption: WEP/Hex and enter the key (26 “a”s), then click Start.

Click OK.

Close Administration interface.

And you will see the network set just now is connected.
That’s all finished
If you have a  MB STAR Diagnostic Tool MB SD Connect Compact 4 wanna setting wifi or do not know how to setting WIFI, please can following with this instructions, hope it would help you.
If you wanna USE SOFTWARE DIRECTLY , we recommend you buy the SD C4 plus DELL D630 Laptop package.

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Solution about MB STAR C4, MB STAR C5 Update and can not test vehicles problems

Make sure your computer hardware version is higher the mb star c4 or mb star c5 version, otherwise, CSD will show update failed . Bootimage can update successfully. The following picture show how to check the mb star c4 or mb star c5 version1

The following picture is show your computer hardware HDD software version66

If their software is not same, it no need update ( because factory has upgraded the latest version of the mb star c4 or mb star c5 machine)

If customer not use our HDD software, it will appear read vehicle failed problems.

Solution as following

(1) Mb star c4 or mb star c5 supply power to confirm the machine was turn on, like the following picture ( If now show the three icon, it means the mb star c4 or c5 main unit is broken)


(2). connect LAN with computer, confirm computer IP change to172.29.127.118, like the following picture :


(3)  change of software using pattern (Because you modify the software for the firmware upgrade mode, the software is not test the vehicles)The following picture is show the software is upgrade mode


The following picture is show test read vehicle mode.


Three files name Update_automaticx , Update_manualx ; Update_SpecialxThis is read vehicle mode, if can not read vehicle, please change files name, then restart computer