LAUNCH X431 iCarScan OBD2 Code Reader Scanner Replace Idiag Easydiag M-diag

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LAUNCH X431 iCarScan OBD2 Code Reader Scanner Replace Idiag Easydiag M-diag

We are the wholesaler of car diagnostic tool and locksmith tools to the worldwide from China. With more than six hard working years, exprience to supply best after sales service for our best quality product as following:
1. Vehicle/Truck diagnostic tool/Code Reader/ECU programmer
2. Car key programmer
3. ECU Chip Programmer
4. Mileage correction (Dash Board Programmer)
5. Vehicle Wheel balancer /Aligner/lift/Vehicle injector cleaner 6. Transponder keys/ Transponders/Remote keys
7. Professional Locksimth tools

Launch ICARSCAN Obd2 Scanner:
1. Multi-Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, French,Russian
2. Build-in bluetooth, easily connects with Android/ios smartphone
3. 10 free brand of software for your selection : You can free to download any 10 software including car software and special functions. If you need more other softwares, pls buy it from APP store.
4. Full systems and complete function dignosis for the most extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics
5. Widest carline software coverage: Support proprietary protocols of over 70 car manufacturers and 2, 500 car models;
6. Support multiple special function software and actuation tests incl.Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads,steering angle reset,battery matching, DPF regeneration,Injector coding
7. Intuitive interface and easy to use

Please pay attention:
You can free to choice any 10 software, including Car Softwares with Special Functions. If you need more other softwares, pls buy it from APP store. You have to select the softwares in 1 time.
for example:


The iCarScan VCI (vehicle communication interface) can turn your Android/IOS smartphone into a professional automotive diagnosis tool. Users can communication with automotive’s OBDII socket via BlueTooth with an Android smartphone/ tablet, to achieve full systems and full function diagnosis, include reading/ clearing trouble codes, data stream, actuation test, adaptation, ECU coding & programming, oil reset, other special function, etc.

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(Solved) ICARSCAN registration is unsuccessful

When registering to activate Launch ICARSCAN, the prompt: the device is already activated by another user or activation failed.


There are 2 possibilities:

1. Most of the reasons: The customer has registered successfully, but he forgot the user name.

For example, a customer registered to activate Icarscan tool , set the user name as . But when logging in later, use to log in.

the system will think that this is a new user, will request He to activate his Icarscan again.

If the above situation occurs, please check if your username is correct, or contact us to help you find the correct username in our system. Our contact email is < >

2. Another possibility is that this ICARSCAN Serial Number has not been registered into our sales system. You need to contact us to help you register in our system, you can register normally.

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