Diagnose Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci with Consult III or Multidiag Actia J2534

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Diagnose Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci with Consult III or Multidiag Actia J2534

Car model and year: Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci



I especially try to diagnose effectively, clear the defects, possibly handle this damn Fap ….
I am looking for a tool do, for example, resets after “organ” change like egr valves on Nissan. Is it able to perform tests?

Tool to consider:

Multidiag Actia J2534

Consult-3 Plus could see on www.obd2tool.com

Advice: if you just want to make an xtrail take the consult III.

Comes one question: on this OBD2TOOL site, we find two interfaces consult one at €118 and the other $225 without I can distinguish the differences in features. Is there a big difference between the two?


yes it will be much more effective on Nissan than a multi-brand!
already between the one at €118 and €225 there is a difference is that the most expensive has Bluetooth and not the other. the most expensive comes with a suitcase the other is a carton, after there may be the quality of the components used which is different!
but otherwise the 2 will do the same thing except that the $118 has to be connected to the pc by a USB cord

So, you are supposed to go to one of these two interfaces Nissan consult III.

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Nissan Consult 3 Plus Programming Reviews Cheapest way FOUND!

Nissan Consult 3 Plus programming reviews:

I looks like it’s a remote system using a bluetooth and is good up to 5 meters away. It also looks like it only works for OBD2…1996 and newer.

The Nissan Consult three Plus does not support the Q45’s made from 1990-1996 YET. I hope that changes soon.

I have an Infiniti G37 (2011). I used Nissan Consult III Plus to enter the pin and start programming new Key Fobs.

I was able to clear the existing keys , but am not able to program the new Fob(s).

The cheapest way to program Nissan:

No need a smart card!

I managed to do Immo and programming without spending out on the smart card.
find the consult diagnostictool.ini file
open with notepad
copy and paste this at the bottom


Here is the location of fille DIAGNOSTICTOOL.INI:

Please just try this at your own risk, I am not responsible the result if you have any question.
I share this because you can do this without spending money to buy the security card.

The best way to program Nissan:
If you can’t solve this problem, better buy a smart card for IMMO and PROGRAMMING.


Connect Consult 3 plus to the computer and the vehicle: Nissan Altima year 2006

Connection method: via the USB cable or Bluetooth

Insert key into the key hole, turn ignition ON with engine OFF

Start Consult-III plus software

Click on “Connect” button on VIMI selection screen to connect with VI


the computer and vehicle establish good communication

then Consult3 plus software will display VIN info

Choose Nissan model and year, and confirm vehicle information


Wait until the Nissan Consult module to access all control modules, Engine, BCM, Transmission, Airbag etc.

The car dashboard will illuminate and the indicator lights on Consult 3 will flash


Diagnostic: Direct Diagnostic Mode program

Tick Key programming icon (NATS SELECT DIAG MODE) on the left menu, plug the security card and press START

(There are two options under NATS SELECT DIAG MODE. Select C/U INITIALIZATION.


Push START BUTTON after enter password

Manually enter the pin code

Initialization completed

Follow the guide in the sw to finish key programming