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Gm mdi scan tool software installation well with laptop ready to use

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If you ready to buy GM MDI diagnostic tool and feel it is difficult to install software.  this is a good news for you .we  can  install the gm mdi software well for you.  when you received the  goods, you can use it directly . save money and time.  we also provide technology  support . best aftermarket service

after  you received the gm mdi scan tool. you need to connect it with vehicles. following picture show you how to connect with vehicles.



this gm mdi not need battery. When you use it, connect this device with your car, car will provide the power for this GM MDI. And use it to diagnose and code the car.

GM MDI software including GlobalTIS, opeltis, gds2, techwin etc. see in the pictures


if you buy the gm mdi with laptop together. we will install the software well, when you use this device again, it will prompt the hardware is low, you need to update, then just click update is ok.

GM MDI support multi-language. it is convince for you.


Gm MDI support GM cars 1990-2013, support Opel model before 2013 year , Holden around 2010 and more vehicles.

gm mdi is work better than gm tech2 diagnostic tool. GM MDI is newer scanner for new GM models, while Tech2 scan tool is for old models.

GM MDI Scan tool Plus EVG7 Tablet PC V2017.02 Software

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How to fix Porsche Piwis Tester 2 99010 99011 Problem

A customer emailed to our engineer as he met a problem about Porsche Piwis Tester II . In the email he told me that his Piwis Diagnostic Tool was showing 99010 and 99011 error, see picture below:

23-1 23-2


One customer reflect that his Porsche Piwis Tester II always appear the same problem, 9 times of each 10 have this error, like following picture shows:

First we need to determine the machine’s password. After confirmed,this machine’s power on password is “porsche2018”.

Note: If your PIWIS II machine password is “porsche2018” with 99010/99011 error pops up when hook up the device to a car obd port, it is likely that the USB driver is not well installed.

How to fix the problem:

Please connect your Porsche diagnostic tool to the laptop, then it will pop up a prompt box “Found New Hardware“, click “Next” to start driver installation and follow the prompts to get it installed.

If the pop-up box appear in the background, please use the key combination ALT + TAB to switch it to “Found New Hardware” prompt box, then just install the USB driver.

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