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GM Tech 2 TIS200 Software when to use & how to use

Tis2000 is only used for SPS programming, and the Tech II is put into pass through mode when using such.
On export vets, you have to use SPS programming for programming in fobs, since the key in the cylinder does not work on them.

As for Tis2000, need to run under XP. So the short version, build a VM shell in XP with something like VM workstation on your win 10 machine, load the three discs to the VM shell, install the crack, then build the driver.

If your laptop does not have a RS232 port, then will need to buy the needed usb cable to connect the Auto Scanner Tool Tech II to the laptop, and make sure to install the needed USB driver into the the XP shell as well.
Drivers are listed about half way down on the page.

As for the cracked Tis2000 (all three disc’s and dongle crack), pretty easy to find for free on the web with a search to download it for free. If you are not sure if the free source is safe or not, here you can go for:

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GM Tech2 and TIS 2000 Program Test

Got some testing done with the GM Tech 2 and TIS 2000 program incl. Tech2 view, service programming system, software download, snapshot upload display etc.

1. GM Tech 2 View:


Main menu:


Service Programming system

View Captured data

GM performance Parts Diagnostics

Tool Options

Getting started


Computer representation of Tech 2 Screen.

You can control Tech 2 with computer keyboard.

2. Service Programming System:


If you forget to put security key in PC.

Select diagnostic tool and programming process.

With security key connected.

Not actually connected to car.

3. Software Download:


Selected Tech 2.


Do not load as version will be downgraded from the English GM 33.004 I am running.

4. Snapshot Upload Display:


Select Upload from Handheld.


Select Tech 2.


Upload started.

Data screen from snapshot.


Selected parameters for 6 line graph. Car Diagnostic Tool Tech 2 limited to 3 parameters for graphing.

Tech 2 graph from snapshot.

Service ASR on during snapshot capture, went out next time car started.