LAUNCH X431 PAD V or VII Perform ADAS Radar Calibration

UseĀ Launch X431 PAD V (PAD 5) or X431 PAD VII (PAD 7) to work with X-431 ADAS PRO or X-431 ADAS Mobile will make the calibration work so much easier.

Car model:

Ford F-150 2019

Device recommended:

Launch X431 PAD V (PAD 5) with Smartbox 3.0 Full System Diagnostic Tool


2021 New X431 PAD VII Full System Diagnostic Tool with Smartlink C


Launch X431 ADAS Mobile


Launch X431 ADAS Pro


Operation guide:

Step 1: Select the corresponding car make>> Automatically search (Software version: Ford V48.50 or above)


Step 2: Confirm the vehicle information detected out

Step 3: Select Special Functions or ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Calibration>> Electrical>> Cruise Control>> CCM#1 (Cruise Control Module) Calibration

Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompt to confirm the conditions that need to be met

Step 5: The X431 PAD VII scanner will prompt that a Fault Code will be generated when the ignition is switched OFF before the calibration is complete.

Step 6: Drive the vehicle between 50 and 80 kph to perform the radar calibration. Keep driving until “Front sensor is not aligned” disappears. If the vehicle is equipped with stop/start, please manually disable it before you start driving.

Step 7: When the process is done, you will get a prompt that the function executed successfully.

Step 8: Exit the calibration menu then clean down any fault codes.