How to do Nissan ECU reprogramming

This is how to do Nissan ECU reprogramming, incl. the definition and suggestion of diagnostic tools and tips of ecu reprogramming. Enjoy!

What’s the difference of ECU Programming and Reprogramming?
Ecu programming is programming of ecu. It can be new or used ecu. But the word reprogramming is when a key or ecu has been already programmed but the after a while
It stopped working so you need to reprogram again. It normally happens to Mercedes keys. If you program after a while
It stops working so you need to reprogram or program a new one
Ecu programming is programming of either used or new ecu
We can still reprogram ecu if after a while the ecu program fails

How to determine whether a reprogramming event is needed for a particular vehicle?

Using the service information websites, locate an applicable TSB for your incident.  Select NERS J2534 ECU programming, then select the “Reprogramming” tab, Search for TSB to find a TSB that has been published about the incident.  The TSB will provide applicable reprogramming instructions.