Autel MK908P Failed to Program BCM on 2007 Chevy Avalanche Solution

A customer wanted to use Autel MK908P to update his BCM according to the technical service bulliten. It was his first time programming a GM vehicle, when he programming, a message prompted him unable to launch the application.


Here is the detailed info he offered:

Device: MK908P+ J2534

Vehicle: 2007 Chevy Avalanche

Problem: BCM had multiple faults. TSB recommend software update

Solution offered by

Please make sure the tools you have as below:

1.Need a good battery maintainer not a charger, this will keep the battery on the car have stable voltage that it’s not gonna fluctuate.

2.Windows 10 Laptop

Note: If you use Windows 7 that will be phasing out pretty soon and it’s really slow and there’s been times where I noticed the USB ports don’t give the J2534 ECU Programmer enough power and there’s a lot of communication issues.

3.ACDelco Subscription

4.Autel MK908P and J2534


Note: Remember to close your car door when programming, otherwise it can’t figure out.

Main steps to solve the problem:

Step 1: Program BCM

Step 2: Configure the BCM by learning the restraints ID

Step 3: Erase error codes

1).Go to Trouble codes page-> erase codes-> read trouble codes


2).Select special function->Setup SDM Primary key in BCM



Customer feedback:

Follow your suggestion, I found B1001-45 error code and erased it. Finally, it’s working!