Diagnose Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci with Consult III or Multidiag Actia J2534

Car model and year: Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci



I especially try to diagnose effectively, clear the defects, possibly handle this damn Fap ….
I am looking for a tool do, for example, resets after “organ” change like egr valves on Nissan. Is it able to perform tests?

Tool to consider:

Multidiag Actia J2534

Consult-3 Plus could see on www.obd2tool.com

Advice: if you just want to make an xtrail take the consult III.

Comes one question: on this OBD2TOOL site, we find two interfaces consult one at €118 and the other $225 without I can distinguish the differences in features. Is there a big difference between the two?


yes it will be much more effective on Nissan than a multi-brand!
already between the one at €118 and €225 there is a difference is that the most expensive has Bluetooth and not the other. the most expensive comes with a suitcase the other is a carton, after there may be the quality of the components used which is different!
but otherwise the 2 will do the same thing except that the $118 has to be connected to the pc by a USB cord

So, you are supposed to go to one of these two interfaces Nissan consult III.