Using Your Tech2 with Bob Pattengal

This course offers the latest information to stay current with the use of GM Tech 2 Scan Tool. Presented by Bob Pattengale, the course (LBT-218 Using Your Tech2 with Bob Pattengale), featuring hands-on case study demonstrations, delves into using the tool and the new MDI with GDS software, advanced navigation, RPO codes and much more. Some other specifics include updating software, reprogramming information for TIS2Web, using Tech2 View via a computer, setting up diagnostics for vehicle control systems, clearing DTC codes, using “Quick Snapshot” to record data, and setting up common connectors and components.

gm-tech2-scanner-1 gm-tech2-scanner-2 gm-tech2-scanner-3 gm-tech2-scanner-4

gm-tech2-scanner-5 gm-tech2-scanner-6 gm-tech2-scanner-7 gm-tech2-scanner-8 gm-tech2-scanner-9

Additionally, a gamut of information ranging from the history of GM MDI Scan Tool to information resources such as NAFTA is included.