Retrofitting Adaptive Cruise Control to 8V RS3


I am now planning to keep this car until its four year warranty expires in May 2020. In which case I shall, if possible, fit ACC.

This is meant to be a simple procedure providing the car is fitted with the right instrument cluster and CAN gateway. (Kufatec tell me this anyway… apparantly it is wiring in the radar and some reprogramming…)

Kufatec want to know, from diagnostics, what the part numbers are for these items as fitted to the car from diagnostics and not the parts catalogue. My VCDS know-how is pretty basic, so can anyone help me locate where I can find the CAN gateway part number please? I might be ok with the instrument cluster, but this too would help!



Go into VAGCOM 18.2 select 19 can Gateway

You’ll see something like this

Part number SW version etc