Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P program ECU SIM on BMW 750Li

It’s an instruction on how to do ECU reflashing/programming/coding with Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P tablet and J2534 ECU programming device.

Note: so far. MaxiSYS MS908P is the only full diagnostic scanner supporting online ECU programming
Model: BMW 750Li 2006

All operation (ready) for ecu programming:
Part 1 – connection issues
Step 1 – connection to voltage supply

Connect the car to a stable voltage supply Make sure the battery clamps are properly fixed
Fully charge Autel MS908P tablet

Step 2 – connect to network

Connect Maxisys pro to the Internet

Make sure the network connection is stable to ensure a successful ECU programming Both wired & wireless connection is ok. using ethernet cable
Check the connection status icon to confirm the internet connection is successful

Step 3 – connection to J2534 ecu programmer

Step 4 – connection to the car
Connect Maxisys ms908p to the vehicle with OBDII cable

Now,all connection complete

Part 2 – ECU programming

Here goes the ECU programming on BMW.

Select Diagnostics n the main menu of Maxisys pro MS908P Select BMW
Turn ignition off…wait 10 seconds…turn ignition on

Tap CIP(coding, individualizing and programming)

Vehicle congiguration
Read data and tap ok to go on. Edit button is available to perform customized SA configuration

Make sure and delete vehicle data correctly

Tap ok
Upon completion, tap ESC to exit

Tap yes to save revised data

Maxisys is communicating with control units for a few minutes

Confirm whether any control unit has been replaced or not before programming
Tap yes or no accordingly to continue

Select SIM for coding/programming

Tap Selective update to reprogram a specific control module separately

Or perform Complete update by delecting all modules

Here, program SIM only
Tap OK for vehicle info

Tap Execute measures plan to continue
Turn off ignition

Switch on terminal 15 (ignition)

Again, make sure of the stable network connection, and other connections to start reflashing

Coded! Stored DTCs will be cleared

Turn off ignition and remove the key with remote control from key slot (if provided). Wait 10 seconds.

Insert the key with remote control and turn on ignition

Then go on the next action. All action will be done one by one automatically
Do not perform other tasks at the same time

The system will generate a report after reflashing

Tap End session to finish ECU reflashing/ programming

Connect Maxiflash J2534 ECU programming device to MS908P at using USB cable Tighten the screws