What else got MS906 and MS906BT inherited from MaxiSys Pro?

What else got MS906 and MS906BT inherited from MaxiSys Pro?


Unique Russification. The average level of Russification of more than 73%. This will enable one skilled to use the device mostly in their native language. It is worth noting the quality of translation. During 2015 the company carried out a survey among users on what the brand must be Russified, or improve the translation. This information was the starting point of the team of professional translators.

The unique functionality. Thanks to the platform MaxiSYS MS906 and MS906BT allow you to comfortably perform not only basic functionality (reading and erasing errors, viewing current settings, activate), and specialized procedures (service functions, test blocks, adaptation, initialization, and even ECU coding).

The unique coating brands. Currently supported by 76 brands from Europe, Japan, China, USA and Russia. In 2015, the full support of Russian-made cars (LADA, GAZ, UAZ) added to the company’s engineers. The number of brands is expanding and Autel provides users with current subscriptions and brand new features for free.

The unique guarantee and service. In order to improve the level of customer support Russian Autel in 2016, in the case of failure of the device during the warranty period, a replacement guarantee the scan tool to the next three days. The company also offers its customers technical support online. If necessary, the service engineer of the Russian representative office has the ability to remotely connect to the system to solve the current problems.

What is the difference between MaxiSys MS906 and MaxiSys MS906BT?

MaxiSys MS906BT version is designed for those who want greater performance and functionality from their diagnostic systems.