Honda HIM HDS vs. FLY100 scanner full version for Honda

Which Honda Diagnostic System should you go for, Honda HIM HDS or FLY100 Honda scanner?
The detail comparison table list below will help to make a proper choice.

Item Name Honda HIM HDS diagnostic tool FLY100 Scanner full version for Honda
Item No: SP15-C SM17
Image  Honda HIM HDS diagnostic tool  FLY100 Scanner full version for Honda
Software HDS V3.015.20 V2.027.007.
Software activation NO YES
Support car year 1992-2014.11. 1992 to 2013 year.
Acura NO YES
Computer Win XP with COM port Win XP with USB2.0
Update NO Update Online
Odometer correction NO YES, without removing the cluster
Airbag reset NO YES
New Guangdong HONDA NO YES
adaptation for remote controller NO YES
Program Smart keys NO YES
IMMO PCM code to program keys YES NO
Quality High Quality Better Quality
Price US$105.00 US$349.00
NOTE: 1) HDS software for Honda HIM will not work with FLY100 scanner hardware.2) If the system asks for 6 digit password to enter the system, you need to a HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator to work with original HDS software.3) FLY100 full system does not need any password to enter system and it uses USB.

4) HDS HIM is a cheaper and better quality diagnostic kit for Honda

5) FLY100 Honda scanner will do airbag reset, odometer correction, smart key programming etc functions, while HIM HDS can not.