Why Dell D630 is necessary for MB SDconnect C4 Diagnosis?

Nowadays, Star diagnosis bundle MB  SD Connect Compact 4 & Dell D630 is favored by the Mercedes owners.
But there are lots of people puzzled that whether it is necessary to buy Dell laptop D630 for MB SD C4.
Last week, we obd2tool customer service have searched a
great deal of customer feedback from different forum, and here are some of

—With the Dell D630’s dedicated serial port, there
was no issue for me…. it was plug and play… I just loaded the HDD from the
Seller into my Dell and all I needed to do was activate
WIS/EPC and XENTRY/DAS with “activation keys”… I only use the Dell for MB Star C4 SD Connect purposes…

—…bought an
older Dell D630 with a serial port and plan on buying Star C4 directly installed in
a DellD630 hard drive. No Virtual Machine issues.

Star diagnosis
C3 / C4
actually specifies the computer or tablet used in the SDS
environment… The T30 is rather slow but will get the job done. If your ever
in the market for a faster SDS laptop, the Dell 630 with at least
2Ghz and the speed improvement especially when using Xentry is like night and

—I advise buy SD Connect 4 which is connected with
LAN cable rather than COM-port as Star C3. And pick up Dell 630 laptop if you
are new to Mercedes daignosis, because all latest software (current 2015.7V)
are pre-installed.

—the HDD that is
pre-loaded with the software for MB SD
CONNECT C4 by the Seller, is inserted into the DELL D630… The DELL D630 is the fastest laptop with the
RS232 feature.

— C4 are favorable
to get with a pre-installed drive that fits inside a Dell laptop.