For my apart , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite has the characteristics of high performance ratio and more easy to use it.

On the one hand , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite has more powerful and functions . Take advantage of the the Original Autoboss v30 Elite , you can accurately and smoothly do something what you want . This is a scanner made by SPX , among coverage over 57 manufacturers with up to 40,000 vehicle systems per vehicle . Beside , the V30’s vehicle coverage continues to grow , with simple internet-ready updates accessible to you at the click of a button . And the function of Original Autoboss v30 Elite can quickly test to diagnose the complete vehicle , coding of the new control modules and cutting edge operation system of Window CE . Best of all , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite has reading and clearing fault codes of they go far beyond and accesses the complete vehicle , including drive line , chassis ,body and the networking modules and so on . This tool also has electronic parking brake , service light reset and much more others .

On the other hand , the Original Autoboss v30 can compare the learned values against vehicle you can working on and highlight values which are out of range . If you send the recorded data back to the Original Autoboss v30 of head office for analysis , which will help you solve problems faster . In addition , the Original Autoboss v30 is supporting 5 OBDII Protocols and 9 modes .

To sum up , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite is more user – friendly and excellent .