GM Buick Excelle air suspension can not be adjusted

Today, I went to a Shanghai GM Buick Excelle 2010, which features a 1.6L L91 engine configures, D16 manual transmission. The car owner told me that the air suspension system in the car can not be adjusted. I started the car, and I tried to adjust the air suspension, but also the car owner said he would not be working.
Air suspension problems are usually caused by an electrical fault. So I first use a car diagnostic tool gm tech 2, to solve the air suspension system and ensure that the onboard computer had stored error codes. Well, unfortunately, I have nothing. Then I guess the problem may be with the fuse in the fuse box.
I took the OBD scanner and inspected the system. The air compressor is not running. I checked the fuse box and a fuse inside was burned. I also checked the circuit, which turned out to be fine. Then I handed over power to the air compressor, air compressor but still refused to work. Besides, I also found it to be mounted in the air compressor has been shorted.

gm tech 2