How to install UPA USB V1.3.0.14 software ?

UUEP UPA-USB ECU programmer has upgraded to V13.0.14 (green color) which is able to read/write ECU/MCU Chip, eeprom programming, support NEC function and support MC9S12HY64/HA32.

Software Version: V13.0.14

Hardware version: 2014

Language: English

UUSP UPA-USB Serial Programmer V1.3

UUSP UPA-USB Serial Programmer V1.3 release 2

O/S: Windows XP 32-bit (SP3 or later); Windows Vista/7/8 32-bit or 64-bit

USB Port Pentium or higher processor has got two UPA-USB v1.3.0.14 packages:

SE100-B: UPA-USB with full adapters:


1) Install UPA-USB software setup 

Extract UPA V1.3 zip file on the desktop

Open UPA V1.3 folder on the desktop

Open uuprog-1314r2 folder

Install UPA 1.3 setup exe


Accept license agreement

Save file to a certain folder

Copy all files in +G++C++++ file and paste them to UPA-USB Device Programmer

(Copy 4 files>> right click UPA-USB Device Programmer V1.3r2 on the desktop>>Click “Properties”>>Click “Find Target”>>Click “Paste”)


2) Install hardware wizard

Connect UPA-USB ECU Tuning programmer with computer

Wait the computer to “Found the new hardware wizard”

Install the hardware wizard to C://Program Files/ELRASOFT/UPA-USB Suite/USB driver/win-xp/x86 folder  (select a computer operating system you are installed)


3) Activate UPA-USB

Open My Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Universal Serial Bus controllers>>ELRASOFT UPA-USB 3.0 Driver


Open UPA-USB Device Manager on the desktop, enter user name and key to activate the software

Press “Activate”