Where to buy GM tech ii scan tool – guide for beginners

There are some beginners are looking for a gm tech 2 scan tool and wish the experienced technician may give them some advice.

Would you please listen to my true story as followed?

I’ve been on a local corvette forum for a long time and I recently bought a Tech 2 off the obd2tool.com site back on Thurs April 16th and had it the following Monday. What was funny was I just got a notice on that Monday that it was just shipped.

gm-tech2-diagnostic-scanner-sp23-c-package-listIt was $349 plus $150 for shipping, though I’m sure that includes customs fees as well.

It came in a very nice plastic case that houses the Tech2 and all the cables and connectors.

Several others over in C5 Tech have gotten one also. I’m no expert with it and learning as I go but mine has worked great so far on my 2003 C5 and 2008 C6. Just used it last week to deprogram the F55 on my C5 so I could get rid of the leaking magnetic shocks and put on C6Z06 ones.

Will be using it this weekend to cycle the ABS to bleed my brakes on my C6 since they are feeling a bit mushy since I put on the powder-coated calipers.