Program Panamera key with Porsche PIWS2 Tester

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Program Panamera key with Porsche PIWS2 Tester


Porsche PIWS2 Tester2/ PT2 OBDⅡdiagnostic scanner
Panasonic CF30 laptop

Programming Porsche Panamera key

Install software
Connect PIWS2 tester diagnostic system with car via OBD port
Power up PIWS2 device from
Select DIAGNOTISCS in the main menu
Select Panamera


The system will detect DTC errors, click Yes to confirm and reset them. Press F12 to continue.


Back to the main function menu. Select DIAGNOTSICS-> Online Teaching Functions-> Engine immobilizer


Again select vehicle model: Panamera->Panamera V6/S (V8)/GTS (V8)/Turbo (V8)


Pay attention to the system notice and press F12 to continue.

Insert the key in the ignition lock now
Switch ignition to ON position
Adapt VIN if necessary and enter the order number. The VIN cannot be more than 17characters long. Press F12 to continue.


Enter the Network account data: User name and Password. Press F12 to continue.


Login in progress
The system will display the results for control units
The system continue reading data from the control units
Displaying the results for control units
Teach the key, continue with F12, cancel with F11. Make sure key is inserted and is turned to the ignition position
Enter the number of keys that will be programmed, press F12 to continue.

Keys can be taught, prepare it.
NOTE: No old keys maybe used with a new lock set (new identify!) Otherwise, the lock set will be made unusable.
Remove the currently inserted key. Insert all the keys, one after the other. Leave the last key in the ignition lock.
Follow the system prompts
Switch on the ignition
The system will display the key programmed/taught result that read from the control unit immobilizer.


Exit the Porsche Piwis 2 program.

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Porsche Piwis Tester 2 Online Coding Guide

Porsche Piwis online programming account service is piwis porsche subscription and piwis tester 2 online coding service offer via teamviewer. Porsche piwis coding account need to work with Porsche PIWIS tester 2 diagnostic tool. Porsche Piwis 2 online coding one time for one module of Porsche car coding.

Many customer inquiry about how to do online coding via piwis II, here we share Piwis II Online programming guide as following.

What need prepare for Piwis II online programming?

1.Original plan Porsche Piwis 2 inluded OBD & USB cable
2.Original XP system Piwis Tester II software running on laptop compatible with piwis II
3.One Porsche Car from 1996-2017 (vehicle support OBDII protocol )

If customer need original plan Porsche piwis II with laptop Piwis II software installed full set, just order here>>

14823129183 Porsche Piwis Tester 2 Online Coding Guide

When you keep all mentioned above ready for Porsche Piwis II online programming, just check and following below guide;

How does piwis II online coding service?

Step 1: Prepare Porsche Car information:

Excellent network performance is most important
Car model, Year
VIN number
What module need coding

Step 2: Order piwis II one time online programming here>>

Step 3: Due to time difference, pls keep your order number contact email  appointment online programming available time in advance.

Step 4: Connect car to Porsche Piwis Tester and laptop, send us teamviewer id and password during appointment time for online coding service offering.

Step 5: Waiting for online programming till coding finished, and check and confirmed. kindly note:

1. We do not offer Porsche Dealer Account login service.

2. We offer one time Piwis II online programming service from dealer account login till module coding be finished successful.

3. Piwis II online programming one time only for one module as usual, if customer need coding several module of cars, pls inquiry our sales for how many times Porsche piwis online coding service you need order.

With Porsche diagnostic tool online coding account, customers can activate the Porsche PIWIS tester2 vci online program function, any question about the Porsche piwis ii online coding account service just contact us freely.