ICarScan X431 Tool Available again

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ICarScan X431 Tool Available again


It’s back! And it appears they now have software for your iPhone (besides the already available Android software.)

It’s been NLA for a while – but today on FaceBook they announced it was back with a new one. You can find it at: https://www.obd2tool.com/goods-5052-Launch+X431+iCarScan+Bluetooth+Diagnostic+Scanner+for+Android.html

What’s it do? Probably everything that Durametric Pro does for a fraction of the price, with unlimited number of cars – and software for LOTS of other car manufacturers. A much more universal tool, having detailed diagnostics for our Cayennes. Cost – $158. With a choice of 5 car manufacturers software included. It uses the “Launch” software package – and they are a very well known maker of high-price diagnostics tools.

I own a Durametric. I haven’t used it in about a year – since I got the ICARSCAN.

ICarScan is much easier to use than the Durametric since it works with my Android smartphone, no need to boot up a computer and plug it into the computer. It connects via Bluetooth to the phone. I carry it in the Cayenne since it’s tiny and can be used anytime I have my phone along (about 100% of the time.) So far I haven’t found anything I can’t do with it that could be done with the Porsche Piwis ii. Doesn’t mean there isn’t – but I haven’t found it yet. It resets all the different service reminders. Resets adaptatations. Reads out real-time values and can plot them. Can read and clear codes stored in any of the vehicle modules.

DISCLAIMER: I get nothing for posting this except hoping to encourage the company to continue producing it, since that means there will be software updates for the one I already own. I like it. I think it’s good value. YMMV – but I don’t think so.

ADDITIONAL INFO: (05/05/17) People have reported that the iOS application apparently is difficult to impossible to get working. Before buying Launch X431 Scan Tool – if all you have is an iPhone – I’d suggest reading the thread and talking to some of the people who have tried it on iOS. Other people have mentioned success or difficulty getting the Android application working. I suspect part of the problem is the number of versions of Android on the user market. If you’re using an Android phone, or tablet – it might be worth checking or asking who got it working with what. I also should note – it appears I’m running an earlier version of the software on my Android phone (Droid-Turbo-II) and tablet (Verizon Ellipsis-7). I have not tried downloading the new version since I don’t like to muck about with a working thing. Again – check and ask people what works if you have a concern. My final warning – communications with the vendor are almost non-existent. When I first got mine (about a year ago) I emailed them about a problem getting it to install on my tablet (which apparently isn’t listed as compatible with the software at the Google store) – and got a few brief replies. Since then – I’ve emailed asking about renewing my subscription – and have gotten no answer. Despite my “subscription” expiring – the software I originally downloaded (5 vehicle brands and the other free stuff) continues to work. It has also updated the firmware on my dongle despite my subscription being expired. What I have not done is open the store feature of it to see if there is a subscription renewal option there. I may do that sometime. Or not. Right now – it’s working fine for me.

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Does icarscan can be used to lower a 957 as can be done with a Durametric


Does Launch ICARSCAN have the capability to calibrate the height sensors for the air suspension on a 958?  So.. I’d think yes, but I haven’t done it. All you’re doing when you do it this way is lying to the aiir-suspension computer – telling it the car is higher than it is. I know I can read the current calibration, and there is some function to write new calibrations to the computer. That’s the same thing you do with Durametric.

That said I don’t have a 957 to make sure the same capabilities are available, but in general – if it can be done with a Dorametric Pro – it appears so far – this can do everything the Pro does.

As far as I can tell – the updates end after a year. That mostly effects people who may buy a newer car than their software currently covers. So far mine hasn’t told me the software “expired”..

For a DIY owner – it’s very valuable since you can read error codes/faults/data from OBD2TOOL ALL the computer modules in the vehicle. Your ’08 probably has 10-12 computers in it.. (a 958 has more than 20..) It can be quite useful if you want other people to help troubleshoot a problem if you can give them a Porsche specific stored error code. MANY of the modules do not report problems via OBD-II codes – the stored errors reports can only be accessed with a tool that can read their memory, and to do this it must mimic the Porsche PWIS diagnostics tool the dealer uses ($15k/rental/year.)

So – your choice. If all you want to do is reset service reminders there are cheaper ways to do it. If you want to know what’s going on and what the car thinks is going on (more important IMHO) – you need something like this Launch X431 or a Durametric.