How to Program SAAB DDM with GM Tech2 and TIS2000

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How to Program SAAB DDM with GM Tech2 and TIS2000

If you want to program the Drivers Door Module (DDM) on your SAAB yourself, you will need a dealer tool, Tech2 Scan Tool with TIS2000 software, which can be purchased online to get the job done. My Tech2 scan tool is from a China at the price of $319. If you already have a Tech II, you can follow the step-by-step guide below and get the DDM programmed.

Equipment you will need:

GM Tech 2 diagnostic scanner


TIS2000 software (Without this you would not be able to add anything!)


How to:

Step 1. Connect GM Tech2 to the OBD port of your SAAB and open the scanner and then go to the main menu.

Step 2. Select “F0 Diagnostics” from the main menu.


Step 3. Select the year of your car. Here I select “2004”.


Step 4. Select model of your car. Here I select “SAAB 9-3 Sport (9440)”.


Step 5. Select “F7: Add/ Remove” in the next page.

Step 6. Select”F1: Control Modules”.


Step 7. Select “DDM” control module in the next page.

Step 8. Select “Add”.


Step 9. Select “Checking Security Access Working” and then turn ignition key to “ON” position.


Step 10. Select “Adding Unit”. Wait the system process to 100% and then drive a test.


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GM Tech2 Disable Alarm on Saab 2003 9-3 review

Here’s my personal review on Tech 2 Scanner clone diagnostic scanner with my Saab 2003 9-3. Big thanks to those who help me a lot in the thread.


Saab 2003 9-3

Saab 2004 9-5


the dreaded “alarm randomly going off” issue on my 2003 9-3


to diagnose and/or disable the alarm

Considering the following:

GM Tech 2 scan tool Link here:

I also have a 2004 9-5. I’m starting tho think that it would be wise to invest in a tech2. as I usually do most of my own repairs.


Is there some other Saab-specific card or software I need on top of this product?

Suggestion from folks:

You will need the Tech 2 and Saab 32MB card (specify when buying clone) listed in the link above. Those two alone should be able to read DTCs, I believe. To get security access and make changes via Tech 2, you will need an older Windows?XP laptop with built in serial port – a newer computer running a virtual machine program & serial to usb adapter should also work – and the Tis2000/GlobalTIS software.

Personal opinion: The Tech 2 in the link you posted is priced a bit higher than most ($349 vs $319). You might want to read back a few pages in this thread for some links to other sellers with better pricing and more sales.

My GM Tech2 Diagnostic Tool hq clone is paid for $319. It is with with a 32MB card and TIS2000 software CD.

Eidt: Tech II review:

Received the parcel today. All are packed well in a box and the machine looks good…. I will try it tomorrow and update here… I should be working good i think.

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