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How to fix Porsche Piwis Tester 2 99010 99011 Problem

A customer emailed to our engineer as he met a problem about Porsche Piwis Tester II . In the email he told me that his Piwis Diagnostic Tool was showing 99010 and 99011 error, see picture below:

23-1 23-2


One customer reflect that his Porsche Piwis Tester II always appear the same problem, 9 times of each 10 have this error, like following picture shows:

First we need to determine the machine’s password. After confirmed,this machine’s power on password is “porsche2018”.

Note: If your PIWIS II machine password is “porsche2018” with 99010/99011 error pops up when hook up the device to a car obd port, it is likely that the USB driver is not well installed.

How to fix the problem:

Please connect your Porsche diagnostic tool to the laptop, then it will pop up a prompt box “Found New Hardware“, click “Next” to start driver installation and follow the prompts to get it installed.

If the pop-up box appear in the background, please use the key combination ALT + TAB to switch it to “Found New Hardware” prompt box, then just install the USB driver.

OBD2TOOL Automotive diagnostic tool , diagnostic software

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(Solved) Ktag blocked through network connection

Optional solutions for you all when using clone Ktag when it don’t work that all cars in list are in grey, not active and also not active PROTOCOL button.


21-2 21-3 21-4

This tool has been blocked online for sure. You can check if the NXP is locked, I’m sure it will be. I think you need to change the chip and re flash firmware.

but first check the SD card

I had the same problem I solved

seeks on the DK forum SDcard file for KTAG

J-link+new NXP+firmware

21-5 21-6 21-7 21-8

21-9 21-10 21-11

21-15 21-16 21-17 21-18 21-19

21-20 21-21 21-22 21-24

Another solution to solve…

1 install ksuit 2.08
2 download the file
3 the file have 3 parts (sd card, update too ksuit, nxp bin if necessary)
4 put the file update in the past off ksuit 2.08
5 use a new sd card ( in my case the old one doesn’t work )
6 copy the file to sd card
7 open ksuit the ksuit update auto

attach the link of the file to download:!8fRCULbY!T1LokpdDAFIYBUfMKOazMBchb5cRuzyU5Yw4o5861Xc

incl. KTag 6.070 update – KSUITE

KTag 6.070 update – NXP BIN

KTag 6.070 update – SD CARD

Tip 1: if works after install the ksuite that you want, if doesn’t work you have to re-flash the nxp the file is there for me was not necessary

Tip 2: doesn’t use the internet when the tool is connected

Tip 3: this information is not mine, is work off some search in forum and help off some users

(big thanks to the contributor @ecuconnet in the MH community)


If you want a Ktag and the online version, forget it.

Ktag clone cannot be used via network connection

But, you can have a new Kess V2 5.017 firmware the 2017 version.

Kess 5.017 supports network connection when it’s used. NEVER BLOCKED.

Look here:

Kess v2 5.017 is connected to the local network, and protocols are full activated