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How to Program BMW F30 FEM Key with CGDI Prog Key Programmer

Here’s the little guide on programming key on a BMW F30 FEM system with CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Car Key Programmer.

Device required:

CGDI Prog BMW key programmer on OBD2TOOL

BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform for BMW  F20 F30 F35 X5 X6 I3


Disassemble the FEM/BDC module from vehicle


Connect BMW FEM/BDC test platform with CGDI Prog  and FEM/BDC module


15-2 15-3

Open CGDI Prog BMW software
Select FEM/BDC Key Match


The current FEM BDC needs to update the ECU program before performing key matching. Please ensure that the car battery has enough power supply. Please do not disconnect cable connection during programming procedure.


Please remove the FEM BDC and then use the programmer to read and save the data from the
95xxx EEPROM chip on the FEM/BDC computer board, then click “Next”

Please read the original car EEPROM data

15-8 15-9 15-10 15-11

Read eeprom data with programmer, i.e Orange 5 eeprom programmer

and save data

15-12 15-13

User the programmer to write the calculated new data to the 95xxx eeprom chip, then put the FEM BDC back to the car
click Next


Click OK to write M95128

User the car key programmer to write the calcutaed new data to the 95xxx eeprom chip, then put the FEM BDC back to the car
click Next

Power on BMW FEM BDC test platform

The yellow indicator will flash

15-15 15-16

Coding is being backed up

The ECU is being programmed

and verify flashing

15-17 15-18

Program BMW F30 FEM key success


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CGDI Prog BMW Test Report


Hi, mates.  CGDI Prog BMW, someone tested yet? Yes. See the test reports with photos and videos.
Test reports:

1.CGDI Prog BMW program X6 BDC key via OBD

2.CGDI Prog BMW add key to BMW X5 successfully

3.CGDI Prog BMW program key to 2016 BMW 5-Series

4.CGDI Prog BMW program key to BMW 523Li

5.CGDI Prog BMW FEM all key lost: Done!

6.CGDI Prog BMW program FEM BMW F30 328 2013

7.CGDI Prog BMW & Mini cooper R56 cas3++ all key lost

In conclusion,
1). CGDI PROG BMW is able to add new keys to BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ and program keys when all keys lost,
CAS computer replace,
CAS3+/P4X or newer version can directly downgraded by OBD in 5 minutes 100% safety.
2). program keys (when all keys lost) BMW CAS4/CAS4+
3). support BMW key inspection, check key status
4). support BMW engine computer DME replacement.
5).  support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 series OBD read ISN code (no need to spilt computer when matching key)
6).  support BMW key unlock.