Remote programming with Tech 2 part 2


So now I can show you guys why that actually failed although I hit the button a little bit before I thought I was gonna have the Tech 2 ready. So programming is in progress this is the part two of the first part of the remote programming so if you missed the first one and it’ll make no sense to you whatsoever. but the reason why this one wasn’t programming which I’ll show you know that’s the programming was successful is this guy right here he’s actually connected.

I’ve already had all this part just put it back in for right now though but they had that wired into the last two lines it was not pulling down the line. It was not interrupting the line in any other way then when I was trying to do the programming. it was just there and apparently trying to do something with that line and preventing it from being able to talk.

So always look for things like that if you’re about to do a programming and there’s something wrong that’s one of the things that you want to make sure that you have disconnected.


Alright so that’s a successful turn the key off hit the continue button come back out of here and one thing you can do just to make sure is go into diagnostics and pull up 2001 my beauty truck powertrain this is a 5.7 VIN. it’s under 86 and they can go down into the information and pull up our VIN number if the good numbers there whoops.


let’s turn that key back on dopey there’s our VIN number,then we definitely got our calibration in as long as that’s there you’re okay no bricks today and I’ll come in here and they’ll probably get the Car Diagnostic Tool for so they’re like a twenty six hundred possibly a sixteen hundred sixteen thirty one.

There you are that the turns start a naval signal not correct so just to show you because they have that thing in there that says vehicle theft deterrent we will go back hit enter go back into the service pro gaming system request the information again Chevrolet 2001 light duty truck Express gasoline hit enter and get this mosquito out of my face there I’m really suffering for you guys now I got to ask you over here even my arm as I’m holding up the camera


All right is the VIN cracked yes it is this time turn off the ignition disconnect ektu all that good stuff we don’t need to do any of that just go back to the main screen okay we’re just gonna stay plugged in so we’re gonna come down here and hit new and we’re gonna come up here I’m going to hit the remote again and we’re gonna hit reprogramming you see you this time hit next and again it’s going to start communicating up here a second let’s say download mode rs-232 possibly


There we go once it does that you should be getting that and yes these old ones are tedious and all that good stuff but it becomes necessary now there’s a VIN number this time around it pulled it up perfectly fine hit next.

I’m gonna go up here an it vehicle theft deterrent and when they learn and we read next.


I remember we’re not telling the car or anything all we’re gonna do now is we’re going to transfer over that data how we first we didn’t know if it’s an export or not so let’s see which one is export, which one’s not that’s domestic and that’s export we are domestic so we hit the mistake weird next next again and it’s going to install a very small file basically just a command to learn.


That’ll be now up here get back to the main screen its back on the main screen and they’re going to service programming hit program ECU am I sure you betcha and then you get a timer say preparing controller for programming performing programming operations and this time around what you get is please wait 10 minutes remaining

Now you can wait 10 minutes and sit here and stare at this thing I’m going to tell you now Chevy Express Van zhis Peschel II when you do in the old remote programming this Pro this process or alright that’s a you know this is a 2001 I will say anything prior to 2001

it will not work 2002 2003 have actually had a couple of them that did go through but certainly not on this one so I’m just gonna cut the video right where it is the next part of this here if you wanted to do this manually you have to do in the programming is I’m sure most of you guys are already familiar with it.

You’ll go into the crank position release the key wait 10 minutes for that little security light down there down there to actually go out once that goes out your 10 minutes is up cycle the key off wait two seconds do it again go to crank position again 10 minute wait for the security light to go out you can do that process anywhere from 3 to 4 times service information says 3 sometimes.

It’s not really in programming mode so it might take 4 but that’s it and that’s what’s gonna get this thing back up and running again so this is more about the programming operation and watching the truck run but anyhow that’s it for you guys and apparently they must have unplugged but I’m looking now throughthe viewfinder.

They must have unplugged my battery maintainer out there alright then you go take care of that before this thing good does have a good day.

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