Does icarscan can be used to lower a 957 as can be done with a Durametric


Does Launch ICARSCAN have the capability to calibrate the height sensors for the air suspension on a 958?¬† So.. I’d think yes, but I haven’t done it. All you’re doing when you do it this way is lying to the aiir-suspension computer – telling it the car is higher than it is. I know I can read the current calibration, and there is some function to write new calibrations to the computer. That’s the same thing you do with Durametric.

That said I don’t have a 957 to make sure the same capabilities are available, but in general – if it can be done with a Dorametric Pro – it appears so far – this can do everything the Pro does.

As far as I can tell – the updates end after a year. That mostly effects people who may buy a newer car than their software currently covers. So far mine hasn’t told me the software “expired”..

For a DIY owner – it’s very valuable since you can read error codes/faults/data from OBD2TOOL ALL the computer modules in the vehicle. Your ’08 probably has 10-12 computers in it.. (a 958 has more than 20..) It can be quite useful if you want other people to help troubleshoot a problem if you can give them a Porsche specific stored error code. MANY of the modules do not report problems via OBD-II codes – the stored errors reports can only be accessed with a tool that can read their memory, and to do this it must mimic the Porsche PWIS diagnostics tool the dealer uses ($15k/rental/year.)

So – your choice. If all you want to do is reset service reminders there are cheaper ways to do it. If you want to know what’s going on and what the car thinks is going on (more important IMHO) – you need something like this¬†Launch X431 or a Durametric.