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07.2017 Xentry/DAS XDOS download free for SDconnect C4

Free download Benz diagnostic tool OpenShell 072017-Torrent.rar on Mega:!YexTWCzD!YgEXucASBYSrcE5TOtroSSb-ZUYbQ2y2TPHIRa8gh0M

XDOS 072017-Torrent-Rutracker.rar:!dbBjmZhJ!X1M4sUqh7PdAZU9X0-cz5F7ZP1ApQwCT0iL_XETYqOg

New Xentry release – 07.2017:!EMkWiRSS!6gszXMzNaiZxqZgBx4HnIDDXzO7c7DcPXhGH6oWlvc8

Fixed Addon Center (close to tray):!p4kRRQxZ!L6taIm1XwcZrd7GTC8NCLUMMRZMUnhqQp3wPC-s2-QE

Fixed StartkeyCenter (show key end date):!chUXQCSS!wsWNO7G0gd6VLivhUGaeG1_xVKF68Fff1ncaQDrzOnI

Note: ALL files about 07.2017 Mercedes diagnostic software is a copy version for share; never tested by any professional. You may run it possibly with high risk, but no one but yourself should take responsibility of it. If you wanna work with a safe version, try 05.2017 XDOS tested successfully

For sake of safety, you are advised to use Mercedes software version 05.2017:
SDD version: 2017.5 MB SDConnect C4 Software Windows 7 256G SSDDELL D630 Format
HHD version: 2017.5 MB Star diagnostic SD Connect C4 Software Windows 7 500G HDD with DELL D630

* both versions tested by professionals working for

AN INPORTANT TIP: SDD or HHD, which better?

SD C4 software with SSD for $129, HDD for $109
SSDs are more expensive than HDDs


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Solution of launch icarscan register and activate, unsold problems

If you launch icascan scanner tool  don’t let you register and activate it, and  you  put serial number and verification code tells you “unsold”, the reason is you download a wrong APP.   there are two solutions  for help you solve your icarscan register problems.

1.   please  scan the QR code at the back of the package, download and install the APP .



2.  please scan the QR code at the user manual. download and install APP. you can according to the following pictures finish it .







the above information can solve your icarscan register problems. this is the new icarscan with 8 software free . somebody download a wrong icarscan APP. the wrong APP is for old icarscan with 5 software . so  it appear this icarscan unsold problems.

If you have more question about launch icarscan. welcome to contact us email