My using experience with VCM2

I received my VCM 2 with IDS software and internal WIFI card, a Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) and necessary cables a few months ago.

VCM II VCM2 For Ford V98 Mazda V98 Diagnostic Tool 2 In 1

I hooked IDS software on an old HP laptop running Win XP mode. I am always using that old laptop to complete my job. The IDS software is relatively easy to use, just install and play.

The IDS allow me to do 90% of the function I want without opening the hood (really) because of the WIFI connection. The data logger is awesome (graphing capability) and the power balance and relative compression tests make life a lot easier. Lots of re-programming should be done with a hard wired connection. But this WIFI IDS allowed me to diagnose wirelessly. The inside VMM kit is not just a software, VMM module available that allows the tool to do scope and other measurement. It is a nice combination with IDS software. Surprisingly, I have newly found the IDS software is able to estimate KWh to empty. That is a scanner does. To realize this function you need a Ford VCM 2 diagnostic system and license to run IDS. But if you do not have VCM2 system, you had better not try this.

No matter how careful you are, any time the issue may arise, a photo call may help you solve the problem. But i am lucky to find a guy who help me deal with the problem

I have not try ACM module yet, but I ready to download the ACM module file on the webpage and will soon figure out how to program it.