BMW E90 Coding with NCS Specialist Computer software

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BMW E90 Coding with NCS Specialist Computer software

In an effort to use the cable in the BMW automobile which I purchased a although ago, I started the basic diagnostic program INPA and succeeded to connect with the vehicle.

The BMW Diagnostic Tool INPA plan is utilised for diagnostic purposes. It can be not utilised to adjust the setting worth in the car. It’s named NCS Expert.

I attempted to run ?

But I did not get a sense of how you can use it, so I watched the videos uploaded to YouTube and captured a single by one particular ?

Note that in the event you connect the cable towards the Auto Scanner Tool on the automobile, the cable LED will light up and then the light will go out.

You could run ncs expert straight away devoid of running ?

After you run the system, it’ll run as it looks like the picture beneath ?

1. Run the plan


2. Choose File -> Load ProFil


3 Select Expertmode (far more profiles may very well be readily available based in your installation)

4. Select Edit Profile


5. Enter Password ” repxet “


6. Click the Car-Keymemory button (reduce left)


7. Soon after checking Car-Keymemory activ, click OK button



8. Click the FSW / PSW button (bottom appropriate)

9. Right after checking FSW- / PSW-Trace, FSW- / PSW-Manipulate with FSW_PSW.MAN, click OK button


10. Click the consistence check button (verify ok popup window)


11. Click the OK button


12. Click the VIN / ZCS / FA button (F1)


13. ZCS / FA f. Click the ECU button (F3)


14. ECU choice just after deciding on vehicle CHASSIS (Capture photograph based on E46)


It is possible to select E90 as CHASSIS: E89, ECU: CAS.

BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-E90_1 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-E90_2

Information displayed when choosing the vehicle code and ECU ?-


15. Press the Back button (F6) to visit the key screen


16. The worth is in the get coded, JOBNAME component, which was not displayed initial.

17. Click Approach ECU button (F4)
18. ECU module choice (distinctive from car kind)


[Module Names]

ABG ¨C Airbag Module

AEWS ¨C Immobilizer

AKMB ¨C Instrument Cluster

ALSZ ¨C Light Switch Center

BTM ¨C Passenger mirror module

CVM ¨C Vert Module ¨C do not touch this, apparently it?ˉs sensitive


FTM ¨C Driver rearview mirror module

GM5 ¨C ZKE ¨C Central Physique Electronics

GT ¨C Navigation


LWS ¨C Light Switch

RAD ¨C Radio

RLS ¨C Rain Sensor

SM ¨C Seat Memory

UEB ¨C Rollover Sensor

19. Choose GM5 module and confirm that GM5 has been changed to get coded region.

¨C Choose GM5 as a sample to adjust Auto Central Lock setting


20. Click the Adjust job button and pick CODIERINDEX_LESEN


21. Click the Study ECU button (F4).

BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-24 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-25 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-26 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-27 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-28

Coding ended and NETTODAT.TRC pop-up window is closed


22. In the explorer, check the generated file in the path “C: \ NCSEXPER \ WORK” (FSW_PSW.TRC)

BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-29 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-30
Open the FSW_PSW.TRC file within the edit program like Notepad, edit the preferred portion, and save the extension as MAN.

¨C This component can use plan like NSC Dummy, BMW Coding Tool


24. Choose SG_CODIEREN in Alter Job



25. Select Execute Job

BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-34 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-35 BMW-E90-Coding-with-NCS-Expert-36

If you’d like to organize it roughly, you’ll want to extract FSW_PSW.TRC file and save the file extension as MAN.

As well as the process of putting the modified files into the automobile ?

It appears like this really is going to take place ?

As soon as I get the time, I will connect to my vehicle (E90) and make an effort to extract the FSW_PSW.TRC file related to Angel Iman DRL use ?

You simply have to have to know what ECU module to pick ?

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Solution of BMW Diagnostic Tool BMW ICOM BMW Ista Cannot Read BMW F-series

BMW Scanner BMW ICOM A2 BMW Ista from is the best diagnostic and programming tool for BMW Vehicles. BMW Diagnostic Tool ICOm A2 software have come to latest version BMW Ista v2017.9. ICOM Rheigold ISTA software for BMW diagnotic tools, BMW ISTA D software for BMW Diagnostic Tool, BMW ISTA P for BMW ICOM programming. Some customers may get the problem that cannot read BMW F-series when they use BMW Scan Tool BMW Ista , share you the solutions.

BMW Diagnostic Tool BMW ICOM with V2017.9 BMW Ista Software


Need help setting up BMW ICOM Rheingold, does not read F series
There is a diagnostic interface BMW ICOM A2BC, a Chinese clone.
Installed simply by installation, works fine reads scans, diagnoses, Version
THERE IS A PROBLEM! Do not read the BMW F-series

Says it was not possible to identify the car.
What to do?

Pls help!

bmw icom A2

bmw icom A2

6-2 6-3 6-4
BMW Scan Tool BMW Ista Working solution:
Put in the VCI Configuration check box is not for the item “Prefer Ethernet as the preferred communication channel for ICOM.”
Test Result:
It works, thanks.