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For my apart , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite has the characteristics of high performance ratio and more easy to use it.

On the one hand , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite has more powerful and functions . Take advantage of the the Original Autoboss v30 Elite , you can accurately and smoothly do something what you want . This is a scanner made by SPX , among coverage over 57 manufacturers with up to 40,000 vehicle systems per vehicle . Beside , the V30’s vehicle coverage continues to grow , with simple internet-ready updates accessible to you at the click of a button . And the function of Original Autoboss v30 Elite can quickly test to diagnose the complete vehicle , coding of the new control modules and cutting edge operation system of Window CE . Best of all , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite has reading and clearing fault codes of they go far beyond and accesses the complete vehicle , including drive line , chassis ,body and the networking modules and so on . This tool also has electronic parking brake , service light reset and much more others .

On the other hand , the Original Autoboss v30 can compare the learned values against vehicle you can working on and highlight values which are out of range . If you send the recorded data back to the Original Autoboss v30 of head office for analysis , which will help you solve problems faster . In addition , the Original Autoboss v30 is supporting 5 OBDII Protocols and 9 modes .

To sum up , the Original Autoboss v30 Elite is more user – friendly and excellent .



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Original Autoboss V30 Elite Software Upgrading Instructions

1. Autoboss V30 Elite Software Upgrading
1.1. Download and Install “V30 Update Client”

Step1: Visit AUTOBOSS website at

Step2: Enter English website
Autoboss V30 Update

Step3: Click on [V30] under the button [Download] to enter download screen as shown in below image.
Autoboss V30 Update

Step4: Click on the option [V30 Update Client] to download the update client to your PC.
Autoboss V30 Update

A file named V30setupEn.exe will be saved in your PC.
Autoboss V30 Update

Step 5: Double click on this file to install “V30 update client” step by step until you see the image as below.
Autoboss V30 Update

Autoboss V30 Update

Note: Just click on the button [Next] in each step during the installation. We advise you to keep everything as default. Please remember to input your name and company name.

After finishing the installation, you will see the icon shown below on your desktop.
Autoboss V30 Update

Download of “V30 update client” is finished.

1.2. Check V30 S/N and Password
Click on the button [Version] in main menu to get the information of Hardware version, Software
Serial number, Release date, etc
Autoboss V30 Update

How to get password:
Click on the button [Activate] to get the original register password as shown in below image.
Autoboss V30 Update

2. Upgrading Instructions

2.1. Run Autoboss V30 Elite update client program
Step1: Take out the SD card from main unit, plug it into the USB SD card reader and connect to PC.
Step 2: Double click to run the [V30 update client ] program on your PC and go to update screen as shown .
Autoboss V30 Update

2.2 Login the Server
(1) Input the serial number and password then click on the [OK] button to connect to server.
It takes some seconds before the download is finished.

(2) The default server is ‘’.
Normally you do not have to change the server.

? Be sure that both S/N and password are correct. Please pay attention, the letters are case sensitive!
? If login takes a long time because of low internet speed, you can exit and retry;

? Internet firewall might affect the login. If login fails, please make sure you have an internet connection, and ensure any installed firewall is not blocking the connection to the
server. For detailed operation instructions, please contact technical support.

Autoboss V30 Update

(4) After download is finished, all updates available will be displayed as shown in Fig 2-3.
(5) The update client will automatically identify new updates available for your V30.
Autoboss V30 Update

2.3 Modify Password
After initial login, users can change original registered password.
Operation instruction:
(1) After inputting the serial number, click on [Modify password] to go to the next step.
Autoboss V30 Update

(2) Input the current password and new password, then click on [OK] for confirmation.
Note: Please keep the password in a secure location. If you forget the password, please contact AUTOBOSS or technical support.
Autoboss V30 modify password screen

2.4 Input Customer Information
You must fill in your personal information when you first login to V30 update client; otherwise
you will not be able to download updates.

Operation instruction:
Click on the button [Customer info] after login succeeds. You can see the screen as shown
below. Input your information to the relevant spaces and click [OK] to save the information.
Autoboss V30 Input Customer info screen

2.5 Software Download
After user information is saved, you can download the programs needed.
Operation instruction:
(1) Choose the language version on the top and tick the small box before the
relevant program as Fig below;
Autoboss V30 download screen

(2) Click on [Download] in right column to enter download status.
Note: A maximum of 10 items can be chosen to download simultaneously.
(3) The software will be downloaded to your PC hard drive automatically.

Autoboss V30 Download screen

2.6 Update
(1) Take out the SD card from V30 main unit;
(2) Put the SD card into SD Card reader;
(3) Connect the Card-Reader to PC USB port;
(4) Select the SD card driver on the top-right side of software installation screen as shown below;
(5) Click on the button [Update], the selected programs already downloaded to your PC hard drive will be installed on SD card automatically.

Note: Make sure the update destination is the SD card driver. To confirm this, please
enter “My computer” on the PC to verify the content in SD card.
Autoboss V30 Software installation screen

2.7 Software Management
You can delete old versions of software on the SD card by software management.
Operation instruction:
Click on the button [Management] to enter the screen shown in Fig. 2-10. Select the software
that is not needed and click on [Delete]. The selected software will be uninstalled automatically.
Autoboss V30 Software installation screen

2.8 Exit
After finishing all of the steps, click on [Exit] to exit the update client.